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Boosted Advisors is a full-service Digital Marketing, Asset Protection and Credit Repair Firm. We craft supreme marketing strategies coupled with amazing outside the box and brand building that increases your business and build extraordinary relationships between brands and humans.


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Building Successful Businesses Since 2004

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Digital Marketing

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Credit Repair

Credit repair :
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Asset Protection

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques and a body of statutory and common law dealing with protecting assets of individuals and business entities from civil money judgments. The goal of asset protection planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without perjury or tax evasion.

Making an Impact Across the United States

All media and content for brands is becoming centered around performance marketing. Performance Marketing buys media, produces content, and optimizes brand experiences across the consumer decision journey.

Digital Marketing for 18 Years In a Row

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Asset Protection

Generally speaking, Asset Protection refers to the process of protecting your property or estate from potential creditors, such as lawsuits and divorce actions. Providing Nevada Asset Protection Planning strategies to protect your estate is one of Asset Protection services.

The Right Choice

Your online marketing goals will be the focus of a strategy, timeline, and forecast. Based on our “Forecaster Method,” we can estimate traffic gains for each channel and produce the results you’re looking for.

Boosted Credit Repair

Through dispute and challenge of incorrect and negative items on a client’s credit report in and around Las Vegas, Boosted Advisors restores and rebuilds the client’s credit. With the help of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, the company offers custom-based solutions through the analysis of credit reports. The process removes questionable negative items such as repossessions, charge-offs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and collections. In one instance, Gerald Rey was able to help a customer obtain a 700+ credit rating.

    Our Powerhouse Marketing Team

    It takes more than finding a group of people with a mixture of skills to put together a successful team.

    400+ Satisfied Customers

    “The way Boosted Advisors took care of my companies SEO, was great. Thry raised our rank on Google plus some places I have never even thought of”

    Janet Renolds

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    Sara Blankenship


    We are a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead of relying on search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, Boosted Advisors uses its own skills to drive new customers to our website.

    The company we run doesn’t stand still. The industries we serve don’t limit us. A company of any size in any industry can benefit from Boosted Advisors’ experience and professional capabilities in building a custom website and using multiple digital marketing services.

    SEO Services

    A search engine optimization service helps increase organic search traffic to websites by optimizing their visibility in search engines. The services of consultants or freelancers who specialize in all aspects of SEO are usually provided by agencies or freelancers

    Social Media Marketing

    Marketing through social media is an effective method of reaching prospects and customers of all sizes. On social media, people discover, learn about, follow, and shop from brands, so if you’re not on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you’re missing out! You can bring remarkable success to your business with successful social media marketing, creating devoted brand advocates, and even generating leads and sales.

    Writing Services

    As a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing agency, Boosted Advisors Internet Marketing Agency does not rely on smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead, Boosted Advisors uses its own search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing skills to drive new customers to the website.

    Asset Protection

    What is it? A strategy of protecting one’s assets is called asset protection. Protecting the assets of one’s family from creditors is an important part of financial planning. Asset protection is a technique used by both individuals and businesses to prevent creditors from accessing certain valuable assets while operating within the debtor-creditor law framework.

    Credit Repair

     How can we make you trust us when there are hundreds of companies and credit repair services out there? As far as repairing credit scores goes, we’ve been doing that since 2003. Over 11,000 thousand people have been helped with their credit scores by Zorro Credit to date. About 33 percent of our current clients hail from Las Vegas, and 47 percent hail from Nevada. Whether you need collections removed, late payments, bankruptcies removed, or charge-offs and foreclosures removed, we can handle it. We dispute thousands of negative items a day on behalf of all our clients thanks to our highly trained team of lawyers. 

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